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about us

This blog was created by the two of us who happened to have an interest in 2 different things. Here we try to combine them together in an art form that is photography. We often take the time to do things, positive things, that we also like, such as: cooking, photography and culinary.

Fashion (Posted by Eurasianlie).
In her 20s, there is no particular color that becomes Eurasianlie’s favorite. Interested in the world of fashion and beauty, especially hair styling since her schooldays, there is no specific reference that characterizes Eurasianlie’s appearance. Not a follower of fashion trend, just like to mix and match clothes which she think would result in a great style. She’s more likely to look cool than cute.

Food (Posted by BioFan).
Having a culinary hobby, BioFan likes to try new dishes while still having his own favorite food. Growing up in Singapore, Canada, Australia and then America, this gives Biofan the chance to try many dishes from several foreign countries. Besides all this, BioFan’s passion in photography gave the idea to realize our interest to be a blog.

What is Buttonspoon?
A blog which consists of 2 things: Fashion (Button) and Food (Spoon).

In the Food section, it contains reviews about the culinary world, in particular places, that we visit. We try to help the readers to gain new information about where to eat or food that is worth to try.
In the Fashion section, it contains about the outfit which results from mixing and matching Eurasianlie’s wardrobe. There is no specific reference in the style that we try to show, we’re just trying to generate an attractive style that looks good. Our hope is to be an inspiration for the readers to be more creative with their appearance, even just with the clothing they already own.
In addition, sometimes we will also post simple recipes. Why easy? Because our concept is that everyone, even with our busy daily routines, is still very likely to cook food that’s tasty.

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