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Mini Hazelnut Chocolate Cupcake Recipe ‹ buttonspoon
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Mini cupcake?
For Eurasianlie, that means double cute Haha
Hazelnut and Chocolate can never go wrong, right? It reminds me of Nutella . But this time I make it from scratch :P .
This is very easy to make and because I use whole hazelnut, so the taste is so rich and thick .
I guarantee that you will love it. Haha .
Here’s the recipe.

You can also use other types of nuts for this recipe. Or if you don’t like nuts, you can simply take it out. But trust me, this is worth a try. Let’s get started.

Ingredients (12 mini cups) :

Whole Hazelnut 30 gr (bake for 20 minutes, peel the skin as you can, and put it on food processor – pulse a few times until coarsely chopped). Set aside

Egg White large 1

All Purpose Flour 25 gr

Cocoa Powder 10 gr

Powdered Sugar 30 gr

Granulated Sugar 20 gr

Unsalted Butter 30 gr – melt

Chocolate Ganache Frosting :

Cream 50 ml

Dark Chocolate 50 gr – chopped

* preheat oven 150C for about 10 minutes
** melt the cream and chocolate in a double boiler. Put it into a piping bag and refrigerated it while making the cupcake

Beat the egg white until stiff peaks foam.

Sift in flour, cocoa powder, sugar. Fold in until incorporated.

Add in melted butter and chopped hazelnuts. Fold until mix well.

Place into mini cupcake tins. Bake it for about 15 minutes, let it cool before topping it with the chocolate ganache frosting .

Yay! Let’s frost the cupcake. It’s up to you on how you want to frost your frosting .

I chose to make it simple like this . Still pretty and cute, right?
I love chocolate! Yummmm. I must try it now. Haha

The taste is very good. The cupcake is soft but thick, hazelnuts flavor is sooooo rich. You can feel it at the first bite .
The combination between the cake and chocolate ganache is so perfect. Yummmm
Try to make it now and you won’t stop to eat it .

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