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Colette & Lola

It’s not a celebration without cake by Colette & Lola.
It’s time to dessert and we chose a cakery store that is a hit today, yap!!! Colette & Lola .

When you come inside, you can see so many cute stuff in here. Lighting is warm and the decoration is so lovely and very adorable .

Detail about the decoration. The cake pops are very cute . I think the design of this place is creative and eye catching.

Some pictures of the big cakes that are served at Colette & Lola. Beside the very cute and tempting design, it has a funny name too . Here are the names from left to right :
(Row 1) Rainbow | Hanky Pinky | Bunny Loves Carrot | Red Velvet
(Row 2) Charlie Browne | The Hazel – Nutcracker | Claire De Lune | My Lady Grey

Picture 2 . Honestly, I was really curious about that big oreo shaped cake at the lower right corner , it’s very tempting. Here are the names from left to right :
(Row 1) This is not a Lego Cake
(Row 2) Bittersweet Love | Miss Gingerbread | This is not an Oreo Cake

The small cakes are as adorable as the big cakes too . There are many other designs, but because it was very crowded, I wasn’t able to take as many photos as I’d like. But I think, this is enough to explain how adorable the cakes are .

The Cupcakes .

Lovely Macarons.

After looking around at all cakes in the store, me and Eurasianlie decided to try some cakes. This is it :
The yellow one  is called “Between Love Hate”. This tartlets has a major taste of lemon, the outside  is not too hard and the sour taste is very dominant, but there is a hint of sweetness too. Unfortunately, the lemon scent is too vague for me. “Between Love Hate” is suitable for those who do not like something too sweet .
In the middle is “The Hazel – Nutcracker”. When I cut it, there’s a crunchy texture in the middle, an interesting combination between layers. Chocolate at the outer layer melted into the mouth while the deeper chocolate layer mixed with crunchy flakes have stronger aroma. Good taste .
At the end is called “Bunny Loves Carrot”. The texture of this cake is slightly mushy, like other carrot cakes, there are dried fruit mixed on cake. The cheese layer itself was soft with the scent that is not too overpowering. It might be more delicious if the texture is slightly more dry.

Macaron Spicy Beef . It made us very curious, lol. First time, I was hesitant to try, but in fact it is quite normal and is not as weird as I imagined (lol). (Pssst, it has chili paste inside ).


Incomplete if we do not try the cupcakes, we chose Red Velvet and Salted Caramel . It tasted good but is nothing special. Honestly I prefer the salted caramel .
Overall, this place present a pleasant experience with the decoration of the room which is very cute and adorable. For the products themselves are quite tasty but not the best. But we still recommended it .

It’s time to go home. Yippieee .
//Between Love Hate : 28k++ Bunny Loves Carrot : 28k++ The Hazel Nutcracker : 28k++ Mac. Spicy Beef : 10k++ Cup. Red Velvet : 28k++ Cup. Salted Caramel : 28k++//

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